Hi there! This is CΓ©cile, I’m the one behind this blog! I love eating, working out, and eating, and also trying out new things (= it usually means eating).


I love tons of other stuff too, but they have nothing to do with this blog so… let’s forget about it! ^^ Here, I review bars, cookies, cakes, chocolate, nut butters and other things that I eat, usually they’re “healthy” (whatever that means) but not always (because balance and also #yolo). I post some of my classic recipes too.

I follow an IIFYM lifestyle (=if it fits your macros – look it up!), for various reasons, one of them being that it makes it easy to stay fit and healthy while eating a little bit of everything (veggies, lean meat, fish, chocolate, sweets, snacks, croissants, brownies, nut butter, you name it – i’ll eat it, i’ll enjoy it, i’ll make it fit).

You can follow me on Instagram (do it! ^^): @cecilefitgeek