TREK Bars – Reviews

TREK is a UK-based brand, owned by the same company that makes the Nakd bars and snacks: Natural Balance Foods. TREK is basically the same idea as Nakd (wholefoods, natural ingredients, healthy snacks) but with a sporty mountain twist and more protein: basically, they do protein bars and protein flapjacks, and they already have tons of yummy/scary-sounding flavors like Berry Burst, Banana Blast, Cocoa Chaos…


* Appearance: A fairly big rectangular flapjack, nothing particular there. It’s oaty and grainy, and if you look closely you’ll see little bits of berry here and there.

TREK Protein Flapjack – Morning Berry

* Texture & Taste: The texture is grainy and almost a bit dry, and the bar threatens to turn into lots of tiny crumbles at each bite. It’s a pleasant chew though! Taste-wise, it’s sweet with a nice berry aroma, nothing to get over-excited about, but a real treat nonetheless!

* Macros are alright, definitely not a 20g protein bar and rather sugary, but alright: 216KCAL – 10P 10F 23C (incl. 2fib and 12sug) Decent! πŸ™‚ The ingredient list is quite short: oats, soy protein crunchies, vegetable oils, apple juice concentrate, rice syrup, cane sugar, soy flour and raspberries. Meh. Not bad at all really, but it still sounds like a lot of added sugar to me (juice concentrate, cane sugar, syrup).

TREK claims on their website that the TREK protein bars have “no added sugar or syrup”: I guess that’s only worth for the bars, and not for the flapjacks… OK, I get that the syrup is kind of a must for a flapjack, but the apple juice? I don’t know, it’s a little bit disappointing on that front!


* Appearance: A fairly big rectangular flapjack, half covered in a dark chocolate coating! Besides the coating, it looks pretty similar to Morning Berry: an oaty and grainy brick! The chocolate melts a little bit on my hands and makes me want to take a bite! 😊

TREK Protein Flapjack – Cocoa Coconut

*Texture & Taste: The texture is grainy/flapjacky and a little coconutty, and the chocolate coating completes it very well! The bar is less dry and crumbly than Morning Berry, and it’s overall very pleasant! Taste-wise, it’s sweet and the coconut-chocolate combo is perfectly executed and really enjoyable!

* Macros: 234KCAL – 9P 13F 23C (incl. 2fib and 13sug) They’re decent! πŸ™‚ Of course it’s not really a protein bar (we’re far from the 20P) but it’s alright.
The ingredient list is quite short again: oats, soy protein crunchies, vegetable oils, rice syrup, cane sugar, soy flour, dark chocolate and coconut chips. A bit similar to the Morning Berry bar, without fruit juice this time, and well, it’s not too bad I guess (especially given the great taste and texture on that one)!

More to come soon, I’ll add them to the list as I go!

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