Clif Bars – Reviews and Ranking – UPDATED 13/02/2017

Clif bars… Grainy, oaty, and delicious! (+ Full of good energy when you need it – before a workout, after a workout, when you go for a hike, or when… you know… like… you’re hungry…)

Here are reviews for all the Clif bars I’ve tried so far, and as I’m currently on a quest to try all their flavours, I’ll add more and more to the list as I go… What’s your favorite Clif bar?

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Oh the Nut Butter Filled range… If you like (love) nut butter, this is a bar for you: 9/10

Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar – Coconut Almond Butter

*Appearance: A small bar that looks like a cereal version of a Hot Pocket! If you take a bite to get an inside look, you’ll see: it is indeed filled with nut butter, and a lot of it!! 😍
* Texture & Taste: Texture is soft (while still relatively crunchy) on the outside and creamy on the inside! Taste-wise it’s pretty good too: the shell is oaty and sweet (and very chocolatey in the case of the Chocolate PB one!!) and the nut butter is deliciously creamy and nutty!

Overall, this bar is sweet but not too sweet, it’s creamy, it’s nutty, it’s tasty, … Perfect! It exists in 4 versions: Coconut Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

FYI, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter: the chocolate is mixed with the hazelnut butter. Chocolate Peanut Butter: the chocolate is in the oaty shell!

Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter

* Macros & Ingredients: Macros are pretty balanced and way less sugary than you’d expect: 230kcal – 7P 11F 26C (incl. 5fib and 9sug) 👍🏼👍🏼 The ingredients are all organic, which is awesome, the first ones are: nut butter, rolled oats and oat flour, brown rice syrup,… There’s also Pea Protein and Rice Protein in the list! Of course it’s not a Protein bar, but still 7g of protein, not a crazy amount of sugars, lots of good fats! 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼

* If I had to pick a favorite out of the 4, it would definitely be Coconut Almond Butter, but all are very nice and tasty, and at this point it all comes down to your nut butter preferences… ^^


Below are the flavours I’ve tried so far, ranked from best to meh!

Macros for a typical Clif Energy Bar: Quite balanced but very sugary… that’s my only complaint, although in general (and especially for a pre-workout treat) I don’t necessarily see it as an issue (just something to be aware of): 240-260kcal – 10P 4-7F 42-45C (20-25sug and 4-5fib)

The ingredients are mostly organic 👍🏼, and in the list you’ll always find: brown rice syrup, rolled oats, soy protein, cane syrup. Then depending on the flavor, you’ll have nuts, nut butter, dried fruit, chocolate, spices,… It’s not a protein bar per say (although 10g of protein is pretty good for an energy bar!) but it still sounds like a damn good and healthy snack bar to me!

  1. CARROT CAKE – 8/10

* Appearance: A small and thick bar, very grainy with visible chunks of white chocolate and carrots all over! 😍For some reason, I didn’t expect it to be so pretty and appetizing: it’s very nice and I’m excited to take a bite!

Clif Energy Bar – Carrot Cake

* Texture & Taste: The texture is the one of a flapjack: oaty and grainy! Each bite starts with a light crunch and then becomes pleasantly soft and chewy!

The taste is definitely Carrot Cake 👌🏼😛: carrot, nutmeg, cinnamon, and the occasional burst of white chocolate! It is also very sweet (which I expected given the ingredients and the sugary macros) but it’s not overwhelming, it actually completes the Carrot Cake theme perfectly! The spiciness comes out pretty strong though so if you’re not into cinnamon or nutmeg, this one might not be for you… I personally liked it a lot!


* Appearance: Small, thick and grainy, and extremely chocolatey!! 😍 There are some chocolate chips here and there too, and the smell of brownie is overwhelming and very exciting!! 😍😛 ••

Clif Energy Bar – Chocolate Brownie

* Texture & Taste: The texture is nothing new or unusual: grainy, chewy and soft, just like most Clif Energy bars! 😊 The chocolate chips are more numerous than I first thought and they actually add a lot of crunch!

As for the taste, it’s VERY chocolatey, a mix of brownie and cereal bar, with delicious chocolate chips all over… This is the first Clif Bar I’ve tried that I think could easily satisfy a serious chocolate craving! 🍫 Well done! ☺️☺️


* Appearance: A small and thick bar, less grainy than other Clif bars I tried, and stickier. It’s not particularly pretty, no drizzle or anything, but it has a lot of peanut chunks and chocolate chips all over! 😍 Also, it smells amazing, so peanutty! Yum!! 😛

Clif Energy Bar – Choc Chip Peanut Crunch

* Texture & Taste: The texture isn’t as oaty or grainy as usual, it’s a bit fudgey actually. And it’s not as soft either: it’s quite hard (not too hard though, phew!) and very crunchy (from the peanuts mostly). It’s a bit different and quite pleasant! 😊

The taste is sweet with a nice peanut aroma and bursts of chocolate anytime I bite on a choc chip! It’s a stronger taste than what other Clif bars had got me used to lately (some were rather weak taste-wise…), the “peanut crunch” is definitely present in each bite and that’s a pleasant surprise!


* Appearance: A classic Clif Bar: small, thick and grainy. This one smells particularly fruity and has chia seeds and dried fruit bits all over! Very appetizing! 😍😛 ••

Clif Energy Bar: Berry Pomegranate Chia

* Texture & Taste: Very chewy and soft! 😊 The chia seeds add a slight crunch to each bite, it’s very subtle!

As for the taste, it is sweet and fruity! 😛This is my first fruity Clif Bar and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised: the berries are very tasty and take over the whole bar – in a good way! This is definitely a strong flavor: the fruits 🍇🍓aren’t relegated to the background, and there’s no acidity at all (which can be an issue with berries). It also completes the grains so well! Impressive! ☺️☺️

5. BANANA NUT BREAD – 7,5/10

* Appearance: Small, thick and grainy, with a few chocolate chips here and there!! 😍 I did not expect the choc chips, they’re a nice surprise! 🍫🍫 The banana smell is strong and promising too! 😍😍😛

Clif Energy Bar – Banana Nut Bread

* Texture & Taste: The texture is just as usual: grainy, chewy and soft! 😊! As for the taste, the banana is very tasty, and the choc chips complete the flavor really well! 🍫I don’t really taste any nut (it’s banana NUT bread after all) or maybe vaguely in the background…

Oh well! The Banana & Choc Chip combo is enough for me, I like it! ☺️☺️


* Appearance: A small and thick bar, very grainy, with a pretty chocolate drizzle and a few chocolate chips here and there! I kinda wish there were more chips, but it still looks yummy! 😛

Clif Energy Bar – Coconut Chocolate Chip

* Texture & Taste: As usual with Clif bars, the texture is the one of a flapjack: oaty, grainy but also soft! 👍🏼 Each bite starts with a light crunch and then becomes pleasantly soft and chewy. I was expecting the texture to include coconut flakes but not at all (at least it’s not really perceptible).

The taste is not really strong but it’s pleasant: it’s sweet with bursts of chocolate any time I hit a chip! There’s a slight coconut aftertaste, it’s pleasant but it’s far from overwhelming, and a bit disappointing.. I love coconut and expected more from this one… Oh well…

7. ALMOND FUDGE – 6,5-7/10

* Appearance: A small and thick bar, very grainy and chocolatey, with visible bits and chunks of almonds. It’s not as pretty as other ones I’ve had, I expected some sort of pretty drizzle, or more chunks… but it’s appetizing nonetheless and I can’t wait to take a bite! 😛

Clif Energy Bar – Almond Fudge

* Texture & Taste: As usual with Clif bars, the texture is the one of a flapjack: oaty, grainy but also soft! 👍🏼 Each bite starts with a light crunch and then becomes pleasantly soft and chewy, with still a few crunches here and there from the almonds.

The taste is not that strong but it’s pleasant: chocolate and almonds mixed with oats! It’s sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Not really disappointing but not extraordinary either!

8. CHOCOLATE CHIP – 6,5-7/10

* Appearance: A small and thick bar, grainy and oaty, no surprise there! I’m a bit disappointed, because I thought it would have way more chocolate chips all over… It does have a few of them though, as well as little crunchies and what I thought at first were almond bits but (given the ingredients) are probably oats and roasted soybean bits (not sure though…)?!! It’s quite pretty and appetizing! 😍😛

Clif Energy Bar – Chocolate Chip

* Texture & Taste: The texture is oaty and grainy, just like a flapjack! It’s slightly crunchy at first and then it gets all soft and chewy! As usual, it’s pleasant! 😊

The taste is very sweet and has that sirupy quality, with bursts of chocolate here and there! 🍫🍫 It’s a classic, no surprises, nothing exceptional, but it pretty much works!

More to come soon!

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